Algebraic and Arithmetic Structures of Moduli Spaces


Titles of Talks

Titles of Talks:   » Program (PDF file),  » Abstract (PDF file)
V. Alexeev (Georgia, USA)
Extended Torelli map: old and new
C. Birkar (Cambridge, UK)
Minimal model program and moduli spaces
C. L. Chai (Pennsylvania, USA)
Modular varieties and Hecke symmetry » Slides (PDF file)
C. Deninger (Muenster, Germany)
Vector bundles and p-adic representations
K. Fujiwara (Nagoya, Japan)
Galois deformation and algebraic number theory
G. van der Geer (Amsterdam, Holland)
Euler chacteristics of local systems on the moduli of curves and abelian varieties of low genus
K. Hulek (Hannover, Germany)
Intersection theory of divisors on compactifications of Ag
T. Ito (Kyoto, Japan)
Hasse invariants and the l-adic cohomology of unitary Shimura varieties
E. Looijenga (Utrecht, Holland)
Invariants of certain homogeneous forms as meromorphic automorphic forms
V. B. Mehta (Tata, India)
The Frobenius morphism and principal G-bundles on affine varieties (joint work with S. Subramanian)
S. Mukai (Kyoto, Japan)
Enriques surfaces associated with bielliptic abelian surfaces
C. S. Rajan (Tata, India)
On the irreducibility of irreducible characters of simple Lie algebras
M. Rapoport (Bonn, Germany)
Some questions on $\mathcal G$-bundles on curves
S. Takayama (Tokyo, Japan)
Boundedness of pluricanonical systems on algebraic varieties of general type
L. Takhtajan (Stony Brook University, USA)
Eisenstein-Maass series and Chern forms on moduli spaces of curves and parabolic bundles  » Slides (PDF file)
L. Weng (Kyushu, Japan)
General class field theory
T. Yoshida (Cambridge, UK)
Hecke correspondences on Shimura varieties with semistable reduction
K. Yoshioka (Kobe, Japan)
Stability and the Fourier-Mukai transform
T. Zink (Bielefeld, Germany)
New developments in the theory of displays
P. Zograf (Steklov, Russia)
On the geometry of moduli spaces of meromorphic functions
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