Harmonic Analysis and its Applications at Sapporo 2007



日 程:
2007年9月2日 (日) - 2007年9月4日 (火)
薮田公三(関西学院大)、宮地晶彦(東京女子大)、立澤一哉(北大)、Shanzhen Lu (北京師範大学)
場 所:
Wengu Chen (応用物理・計算数学研究所)
Yong Ding (北京師範大学)
Lasha Ephremidze(東海大学)
Junfeng Li (北京師範大学)
Zhongkai Li (首都師範大学)
Heping Liu (北京大学)
Shanzhen Lu (北京師範大学)
Lizhong Peng (北京大学)
Carlos Perez (セビーリャ大学)
佐藤秀一 (金沢大学)
Hans-Juergen Schmeisser (フリードリッヒ・シェラー大学)
Qingying Xue (北京師範大学)
Dunyan Yan (中国科学院研究生院)
Dachun Yang (北京師範大学)
10:00-11:00 Shanzhen Lu (北京師範大学)
Marcinkiewicz integral with rough kernels
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11:15-12:15 冨田直人 (大阪大学)
Pseudo-differential operators with symbols in Sm on modulation spaces II
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14:00-15:00 Yong Ding (北京師範大学)
Commutators of the singular integrals
15:15-16:15 Qingying Xue (北京師範大学)
On the boundedness of some operators with variable kernels along surfaces
16:30-17:00 米田剛 (東京大学)
The Helmholtz decomposition of some Banach spaces in special sectorial domains
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17:10-17:40 Lasha Ephremidze (東海大学)
On the estimation of the convergence rate in the Janashia-Lagvilava spectral factorization algorithm
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9:30-10:30 Dunyan Yan (中国科学院研究生院)
Singular integral transform of product functions
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10:45-11:45 Wengu Chen (応用数理・計算数学研究所)
Multilinear estimates and applications to nonlinear dispersive equations
 » アブストラクト
12:00-12:30 中井英一 (大阪教育大学)
Preduals of generalized Morrey-Campanato spaces
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14:00-15:00 Junfeng Li (北京師範大学)
On the low regularity of the fifth order Kadomtsev-Petiashvili I equation
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15:15-16:15 Dachun Yang (北京師範大学)
Dyadic Hausdorff capacities and their applications to function spaces
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16:30-17:30 Hans-Juergen Schmeisser (フリードリッヒ・シェラー大学)
Vector-valued function spaces: embeddings and traces
17:40-18:10 澤野嘉宏 (首都大学東京)
Some properties of the Besov-Morrey spaces and the Triebel-Lizorkin-Morrey spaces
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9:30-10:30 Heping Liu (北京大学)
The Hardy space H1L associated with Schrödinger operator on the Heisenberg group
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10:45-11:45 Lizhong Peng (北京大学)
Two problems associated to Schrödinger operator
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13:15-14:15 Zhongkai Li (首都師範大学)
The generalized Radon transforms associated to invariant measures under finite reflections
14:30-15:30 佐藤秀一 (金沢大学)
Lp estimates for singular Radon transforms and extrapolation
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15:45-16:45 Carlos Pérez (セビーリャ大学)
Recent results in multilinear harmonic analysis: multilinear maximal functions, singular integrals, commutators and multilinear Ap theory of weights
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