Sapporo Guest House Symposium 16
Mathematical Aspects of Image Processing and Computer Vision 2003
"MCAS symposium"



November 27-29,2003
Y.Giga, S.Izumiya (Hokkaido University)
K.Deguchi (Tohoku University)
3-508,3-512, Graduate School of Science No.8 Building, Hokkaido University
Department of Mathematics, Hokkaido University (November 27-28)
Sapporo Guest House (November 29)
Partial List of Invited Speakers.
 H.Arai(University of Tokyo)
Visual Perception and Nonlinear Information Processing Based on Wavelets
 Y.KASHIMA (University of Sussex/ Hokkaido University)
A mathematical solvability for the denoising of a singular color image model
 T.Tokuyama (Tohoku University)
Digital Halftoning and Global Roundings of Graphs and Hypergraphs
 B.Kimia (Brown University)
On the Local Form and Transitions of the Medial Axis/ Shock Graph and Their Role in Object Recognition
 Y.H.Richard Tsai (Princeton University)
Dynamic Visibility in a PDE Based Implicit Framework
 A.TORII (Chiba University)
Linear and Nonlinear Subpixel Superresolution Techniques
 T.SANO (Hokkai-Gakuen University)
Generic Centro-affine Differential Geometry of Curves
Number of Prospective Participants.
30-50 People
Note: MAIPCV 2003 stands for Mathematical Aspects of Image Processing and Computer Vision 2003.