SASAHARA, Toru:COE Research Fellow,Geometry

CR submanifolds, Lagrangian submanifolds, Legendre submanifolds, Biharmonic maps.
Research Interest:
Differential Geometry
Research Activities:
The theory of minimal Lagrangian submanifolds in complex space forms is closely related to that of affine hypersurfaces and statistical manifolds. I am interested in the class of¡¡biharmonic CR-submanifolds which contains the class of minimal Lagrangian ones. Paper-list: 1. T.Sasahara; CR-submanifolds in complex hyperbolic spaces satisfying an equality of Chen, Tsukuba J. Math. 23 (1999) 565-583. 2. T.Sasahara; Three dimensional CR-submanifolds in the nearly Kaehler six-sphere satisfying B.Y.Chen's basic equality,Tamkang J.Math. 31 (2000) 289-295. 3. T.Sasahara; On Ricci curvature of CR-submanifolds with rank one totally real distribution, Nihonkai Math. J. 12 (2001) 47-58. 4. T.Sasahara; On Chen invariant of CR-submanifolds in a complex hyperbolic space, Tsukuba J.Math. 26 (2002) 119-132. 5. T.Sasahara; Submanifolds in a Sasakian manifold $R^{2n+1}(-3)$ whose $\phi$-mean curvature vectors are eigenvectors, J. Geometry, 75 (2003) 166-178, 6. T.Sasahara; Spectral decomposition of the mean curvature vector fields of surfaces in a Sasakian manifold $R^{2n+1}(-3)$, Results in Math, 43 (2003) 168-180. 7. T.Sasahara; Legendre surfaces whose mean curvature vectors are eigenvectors of the Laplace operator, Note di Matematica, to appear. 8. T.Sasahara; Quasi-minimal Lagrangian surfaces whose mean curvature vectors are eigenvectors, Demonstratio, Mathematica, 37 (2004), to appear. 9. T.Sasahara; Legendre surfaces in Sasakian space forms whose mean curvature vectors are eigenvectors, preprint. 10. T.Sasahara and M.M.Tripathi; On invariant submanifolds in $(\kappa, \mu) $-manifolds, preprint.