Sini, Mourad:Post Doctorial Fellow,Applied Mathematics

Localization of eigenvalues, Identification of coefficients, Dirichlet-Neumann map, Elastography
Research Interest:
Inverse Problems and Spectral theory of operators
Research Activities:
1) I started by studying some spectral properties of operators related to the isotropic elsatic system, a) topographical elastic wave guides b) absence of embedded eigenvalues for the stratified and perturbed elastic whole and half spaces. 2) I am working also in the field of inverse problems : We gave some uniqueness results for the one dimensional inverse spectral problem considering discontinuous coefficients. We gave also some uniqueness and reconstruction results on inverse dynamical problems for one dimensional systems, i.e the one dimensional model of connected beams. We are working on the inverse problems for guided waves, i.e ocean acoustics. We are also started to work on the elastography problem. In particular we are interested in identifying discontinuities of materials from interior measurements.