ISHIKAWA, Goo:Department of Mathematics,Faculty of Science,Professor,Geometry

Applied Singularity Theory, Algebraic Curves and Singularities, Hilbert's 16th Problem, Lagrange and Legendre Submanifolds, Developable Submanifolds, Sub-Riemann Geometry, Singularities of Solution-Sapaces to Differential Systems.
Research Interest:
Geometry(Singularity Theory, Real Algebraic Geometry, Topology, Non-holonomic Systems)
Research Activities:
Singularity theory of mappings: Lagrange and Legendre singularities, Singularity theory of exterior differential systems, Differentiable structures of mapping space quotients, Catastrophe theory, Thom-Mather theory. Symplectic and contact geometry: Characteristic Cauchy problem for Hamilton-Jacobi equations, Sub-Riemannian geometry, Projective and Grassmann duality, Fronts with degenerate Gauss mappings. Real algebraic geometry: Topology of real algebraic varieties, The16th problem of Hilbert, Topology of real rational curves and Fourier (trigonometric) curves, Real algebraic homogeneous spaces, Euler characteristics and Euler obstructions.