21st Century COE Program : Mathematics of Nonlinear Structure via Singularity

Faculty Listings - Geometry

ISHIKAWA, Goo(Professor)
Research Interest: Geometry(Singularity Theory, Real Algebraic Geometry, Topology, Non-holonomic Systems)
Keyword(s):Applied Singularity Theory, Algebraic Curves and Singularities, Hilbert's 16th Problem, Lagrange and Legendre Submanifolds, Developable Submanifolds, Sub-Riemann Geometry, Singularities of Solution-Sapaces to Differential Systems.

IZUMIYA, Shyuichi(Professor)
Research Interest: Geometry; Singularities of Differentiable Mappings
Keyword(s):Singularities,Caustics, Gravitation Theory,Gravitation Lensing, Loentzian Geometry, Hyperbolic Geometry,Classical Differntial Geometry,Line congruences, Vision Theory, Ruled surfaces, Legendrian Singularities,Lagrangian Singularities, Non-linear PDE, Brane world

NISHIMORI, Toshiyuki(Professor)
Research Interest: Foliation
Keyword(s):foliation, qualitative theory, exceptional minimal set, similarity pseudogroup

ONO, Kaoru(Professor)
Research Interest: Differential Geometry and Topology; Symplectic Geometry

YAMAGUCHI, Keizo(Professor)
Research Interest: Differential Geometry; Contact Geometry of Second Order

, (Professor)
Research Interest:

AKITA, Toshiyuki(Associate Professor)
Research Interest: Topology / Group cohomology
Keyword(s):discrete groups, classifying spaces, characteristic classes, Chow ring

FURUHATA, Hitoshi(Associate Professor)
Research Interest: Differential Geometry
Keyword(s):Submanifolds, Affine Immersions, Statistical Structures

JINZENJI, Masao(Associate Professor)
Research Interest: Mathematical Physics
Keyword(s):Quantum Cohomology, Topological Field Theory, Mirror Symmetry, Infinite Integrable System

OHMOTO, Toru(Associate Professor)
Research Interest: Singularity Theory and Topology
Keyword(s):Thom polynomials, Chern classes for singular varieties

KANDA, Yutaka(Assistant Professor)
Research Interest: topology
Keyword(s):mapping class group, Riemann surface, bounded cohomology

Watanabe, Tadayuki(Assistant Professor)
Research Interest: Topology
Keyword(s):embedding, diffeomorphism, finite type invariant

21st Century COE Program : Mathematics of Nonlinear Structure via Singularity