21st Century COE Program : Mathematics of Nonlinear Structure via Singularity

Faculty Listings - Analysis

AIKAWA, Hiroaki(Professor)
Research Interest: Potential theory
Keyword(s):potential, harmonic

ARAI, Asao(Professor)
Research Interest: Mathematical Physics, Functional Analysis
Keyword(s):Fock space, quantum field, infinite dimensional Schroedinger and Dirac operators, supersymmetry

HAYASHI, Mikihiro(Professor)
Research Interest: Functional Analysis and Function Theory; Function Algebras; Hardy Classes; Riemann Surfaces

KISHIMOTO, Akitaka(Professor)
Research Interest: Operator Algebras; Non-commutative Dynamical Systems

NAGASAKA, Yukio(Professor)
Research Interest: theory of function
Keyword(s):ideal boundary, cluster set, Dirichlet problem

Takaoka, Hideo(Professor)
Research Interest:

TONEGAWA, Yoshihiro(Professor)
Research Interest: Partial differential equations, geometric measure theory, variational method
Keyword(s):minimal surface, curvature flow, phase separation, geometric variational problem

HONDA, Naofumi(Associate Professor)
Research Interest: Algebraic Analysis

TACHIZAWA, Kazuya(Associate Professor)
Research Interest: Harmonic analysis
Keyword(s):Harmonic analysis, wavelet theory, function spaces, singular integral operators, Schrodinger operators, pseudodifferential operators

TSUTAYA, Kimitoshi(Associate Professor)
Research Interest: Partial Differential Equations
Keyword(s):Nonlinear wave equations, Nonlinear Klein-Gordon equations, Cauchy problem, scattering theory

YAMANOUCHI, Takehiko(Associate Professor)
Research Interest: Operator Algebras

21st Century COE Program : Mathematics of Nonlinear Structure via Singularity